Performing Forces for African Sanctus
SCORED FOR: Operatic Soprano Solo
Choir (S.A.T.B.)
African Tape
Percussion (2 or 3 players) Timpani
Bass Drum (large)
Congas (1 pair)
Bongos (1 pair)
3 Tenor drums
2 Suspended cymbals
Tam tam (large)
Tom Tom
OPTIONAL: Lead guitar (amplifed)
Bass guitar (amplified)
Drum kit
Multi-racial performers (ad lib)
Ethnic drums, gongs & tambourine
Light /Gospel soprano solo, or children (The Lord's Prayer)
Electric organ/keyboard (The Lord's Prayer)
NOTE: A performance of AFRICAN SANCTUS should ideally include the optional forces, but where resources are limited the work may be performed without them.
Soloist and piano should he amplified. Amplifying choir is usually necessary, especially in a large venue (see stage plan in Technical).
Multimedia performances/visual backdrop: Fanshawe original African slides available for hire.
ENCORE: If demanded, suggest The Lord's Prayer and/or Sanctus Finale & Gloria

Duration without interval: 1 hour approximately

CONTACTS: Recommended soloists and musicians - please contact
Also sound engineers, see Technical


African Sanctus stage plan