African Sanctus stage plan for a large venue
SOUND BOARD Minimum 24 track desk (see Platform layout guide below).
The mixing console / sound desk should be centrally placed, in order to obtain the best stereo listening position, as recommended by your engineer, in accord with the facilities available.
SPEAKERS The aim is to have 2 main stereo speaker stacks on stage left and stage right, hooked up to side and overhead or rear speakers in order to fill / bathe the audience in wonderful sound, as an aural experience. Warning: Speakers should provide a full frequency range for music amplification, with no distortion.
HEADPHONES Two pairs of headphones are essential, for the conductor and drum kit player. We recommend, the quality of the Sony Professional MDR/7506 dynamic stereo headphones, that are all enclosing on the ear.
  • Conductor: must have separate volume control, with prefade of African tape only.
  • Drum Kit: the same, must also have prefade of the African tape only.
Note: Some experienced percussion players also like to have a feed of the African tape in their own headphones.
  • Choir: 4-8 mics, as high as possible, angled at the choir (SATB), so that their natural sound can be enhanced to match the level of the African tapes. The choir mics could also be suspended - "flown". Note: choir sound usually has no reverb, but in an outdoor venue, it is worth experimenting.
  • Children's Choir: 2-3 mics, no reverb
  • Soprano solo: 1 mic, extra sensitive, suitable for operatic & close mic styles
  • Piano: 2 mics, in stereo, HI and LO, for this very important key instrument
  • Lead & Bass Guitars: (DI) Direct Injection into sound desk. Note: both instruments need to have some working stage sound from their own amplifiers (the less the better)
For Outdoor or very large Venue
It is also recommended that the percussion are miced up.
  • Drum Kit: minimum 3 mics, 1 in kick drum, and 2 overheads
  • Percussion 1 & 2: suggest Mics on the following:
    Timpani (2 mics); 3 Tenor drums (1 mic); Congas/Bongos/ Sus. Cymbal (1 mic); Bass drum/ Tam-tam (1 mic); Ethnic/ Other (1 mic) Total : approx 6 mics.
  • Organ/Electric synthesiser (if used) DI into sound board.
  • 4 stage monitors - Choir (SATB) to hear piano (essential) and soprano solo (prefade) and African tape (postfade)
  • 1 stage monitor - Piano, to hear African tape (postfade)
  • 1 stage monitor - Soloist, to hear herself, piano and tape (postfade)
  • 1-2 stage monitors - Percussion area, to hear African tape (postfade)
OTHER DAT Machine, standard of Sony PCM2700A (not a portable). This will be the primary playback machine for the pre-recorded African tape
Back up CD player
Lapel Mic (if required) for pre-concert talk
LIGHTING Optional - Stage lighting etc as desired, in accord with production budget.

Click here for a larger scale image of the stage plan.